Composition of Scientific Panels

  1. Panel for Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Dietetic Products and other similar products
  2. Panel for Method of Sampling and Analysis
  3. Panel for Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in contact with Food:
  4. Panel on Contaminants in Food Chain
  5. Panel for Biological Hazards
  6. Panel for Pesticides and Antibiotic Residues
  7. Panel for Labelling and Claims/Advertisements
  8. Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms and Foods
  9. Panel for Fish and Fisheries Products
  10. Panel on Sweets, Confectionery, Sweeteners, Sugar & Honey:
  11. Panel on Water (including flavoured water) & Beverages (alcoholic non-alcoholic)
  12. Panel on Oils & Fats
  13. Panel on Milk and Milk Products
  14. Panel on Meat and Meat Products including Poultry
  15. Panel on Cereals, Pulses & Legume and their Products (Including Bakery)
  16. Panel on Fruits & Vegetables and their Products (Including Dried Fruits and Nuts, Salt, Spices and Condiments)

January 2017

Office Memorandum dated 06th Jan. 2017 regarding Reconstitution of Scientific Committtee and Scientific Panels. (Uploaded on: 10.01.2017).