Swasth Bharat Yatra Reports

Swasth Bharat Yatra Track Wise Daily Reports

Day Date Description  Cities Name  File Name
 Day 1  16th October 2018  Event Day  Leh Panaji Thiruvanathpur Puducherry Ranchi Agartala Report
 Day 2 17th October 2018 Cycle Day  Leh Panaji - Sawantwadi Thiruvanathpur - Balrampuram Puducherry - Mahabalipuram Ranchi - Khunti Agartala - Teliamura  Report
 Day 3 18th October 2018  Event Day  Leh Sawantwadi Kanyakumari Mahabalipuram Khunti Teliamura   Report
Day 4 19th October 2018 Cycle Day Leh - Sonmarg Sawantwadi - Malvan Kanyakumari - Tirunelveli Mahabalipuram- Chennai Khunti - Chakrodhdharpur Teliamura - Aizwal  Report
Day 5 20th October 2018 Event Day  Sonmarg Malvan Thirunelveli Chennai Chakradharpur Aizwal  Report
Day 6 21st October 2018 Cycle Day NA Malvan - Devgad  Tirunelveli - Kovilpatti Chennai - Thiruthani Chakradharpur - Chaibasa Aizwal - Kolasaib  Report
Day 7 22nd October 2018 Event Day  Sonmarg Devgad Kovilpatti Thiruthani Chaibasa Kolasib Report
Day 8 23rd October 2018 Cycle Day Sonmarg Devgad - Rajapur  Tirunelveli - Kovilpatti Thiruthani-Tirupati Chaibasa - Jamshedpur Kolasaib - Vairengte  Report
Day 9 24th October 2018 Event Day  Kangan Rajapur Kovilpatti Tirupati Jamshedpur Vairangete Report
Day 10 25th October 2018 Cycle Day Ganderbal Rajapur - Ratnagiri  Kovilpatti - Sivakashi Tirupati- Nellore Jamshedpur - Ghatshila Vairengte - Jiribram  Report
Day 11 26th October 2018 Event Day  Ganderbal Ratnagiri Sivakasi Nellore Ghatshilla Jiribram Report
Day 12 27th October 2018 Cycle Day Ganderbal Ratnagiri - Sanghmeshwar  Sivakashi - Madurai Nellore - Kavali Ghatshila - Baharagora Jiribram - Nungba  Report
Day 13 28th October 2018 Event Day  Sopore Sanghmeshwar - Chiplun Madurai Kavali Baharagora Nungba Report
Day 14 29th October 2018 Cycle Day Sopore - Kupwara Chiplun  Madurai - Dindigul Kavali - Ongole Hazaribagh Nungba - Noney  Report
Day 15 30th October 2018 Event Day  Kupwara Chiplun Dindigul Ongole Hazaribagh Keithel Manbi - Noney Report
Day 16 31st October 2018 Cycle Day Kupwara - Baramulla Chiplun - Khed  Dindigul - Karur Ongole - Guntur Hazaribagh - Nawada Keithel Manbi - Imphal  Report
Day 17 01st November 2018 Event Day  Baramula Khed Karur Guntur Nawada Imphal Report
Day 18 02nd November 2018 Cycle Day Baramulla Khed  Karur - Erode Guntur - Vijayawada Nawada - Bihar Sharif Imphal - Kangpokpi  Report
Day 19 03rd November 2018 Event Day  Baramula Poladpur Erode Vijayawada Bihar Sharif Kangpokpi Report
Day 21 05th November 2018 Event Day Baramulla Goregaon Salem Vijayawada Jehanabad Kohima  Report
Day 22 06th November 2018 Cycle Day  Uri Raigarh-Penn Salem-Dharmapuri Krishna-Suryapet Jenhanabad-Gaya Kohima-Dimapur Report
Day 23 07th November 2018 Event Day Uri Penn, Raigarh Dharmapuri Suryapet Gaya Dimapur  Report
Day 24 08th November 2018 Cycle Day  Uri Penn-Thane Dharmapuri-Krishnagiri Suryapet-Nalgonda Gaya-Aurengabad Dimapur-Karbi Anglong Report
Day 25 09th November 2018 Event Day Tangmarg Thane Krishnagiri Nalgonda Aurengabad Karbi Anglong  Report
Day 26 10th November 2018 Cycle Day  Tangmarg Thane-Mumbai Krishnagiri-Bangaluru Nalgonda-Hyderabad Aurengabad-Sasaram Karbi Anglong-Hojai Report
Day 27 11th November 2018 Event Day Srinagar Mumbai Bangaluru Hyderabad Sasaram Hojai  Report
Day 28 12th November 2018 Cycle Day  Srinagar Mumbai-Manor Bangaluru-Tumakuru Hyderabad-Bhuvanagiri Sasaram-Bhabua Hojai-Tezpur Report
Day 29 13th November 2018 Event Day Budgam Manor Tumakuru Bhuvanagiri Bhabua Tezpur  Report
Day 30 14th November 2018 Cycle Day  Awantipora Manor-Silvasa Tumakuru-Tumakuru Bhuvanagiri-Jangaon Bhabua-Mirzapur Tezpur-Holongi Report

Swasth Bharat Yatra

Grab your chance to be a part of an exciting movement to promote public health now!

Inviting all Stakeholders to join the Swasth Bharat Yatra, a high visibility, high impact 18000+ km relay Cycle Rally which will pass through your region soon!

Promote “The Eat Right India Movement” and "Swasth Bharat Yatra" by:

  1. Encouraging your employees, retailers, distributors and their families to cheer the Yatra as it enters your region by printing and displaying banners, flags, placards to welcome cyclists.
  2. Joining as volunteer cyclists.
  3. Participate in large numbers in the morning Prabhat Pheris and activations within the city and in-transit halts.
  4. Contributing venues for in-transit activations, food/refreshments etc. wherever feasible.
  5. Promote and publicize this initiative on your websites and social media.

For more details on cycling tracks, event details etc. visit the website Swasth Bharat Yatra and for banners, flags, play cards etc., Click Here