The Codex Alimentarius Commission has established 6 Regional Coordinating Committees to address the concerns of the region as follows:

1. FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Africa (CCAFRICA)
2. FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia (CCASIA)
3. FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Europe (CCEURO)
4. FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (CCLAC)
5. FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for North America and South West Pacific (CCNASWP)
6. FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Near East (CCNEA)

Terms of reference

(a) Define the problems and needs of the region concerning food standards and food control;
(b) Promote within the Committee contacts for the mutual exchange of information on proposed regulatory initiatives and problems arising from food control and stimulates the strengthening of food control infrastructures;
(c) Recommend to the Commission the development of worldwide standards for products of interest to the region, including products considered by the Committee to have an international market potential in the future;
(d) Develop regional standards for food products moving exclusively or almost exclusively in intra regional trade;
(e) Draw the attention of the Commission to any aspects of the Commission’s work of particular significance to the region;
(f) Promote coordination of all regional food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations within the region;
(g) Exercise a general coordinating role for the region and such other functions as may be entrusted to it by the Commission;
(h) Promote the use of Codex standards and related texts by members.

History of CCASIA

The Coordinating Committee for Asia (CCASIA) was established at the 11th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) held in Rome, Italy, in July 1976. The first Session took place in New Delhi, India in January1977.

Sessions Place Date Report (English)
01st New Delhi 10-16th January 1977 ALINORM 78/15(PDF:103KB)
02nd Manila 20-26th March 1979 ALINORM 79/15(PDF:348KB)
03rd Colombo 02th-08th February 1982 ALINORM 83/15(PDF:173KB)
04th Phetchburi 28th February-05th March 1984 ALINORM 85/15(PDF:245KB)
05th Yogyakarta 08-14th April 1986 ALINORM 87/15(PDF:200KB)
06th Denpasar 26th January-01st February 1988 ALINORM 89/15(PDF:392KB)
07th Chiange-Mai 05th February 1990 ALINORM 91/15(PDF:276KB)
08th Kuala Lumpur 27th-31st January 1992 ALINORM 93/15(PDF:198KB)
09th Beijing 24-27th May 1994 --
10th Tokyo 05-08th March 1996 ALINORM 97/15(PDF:151KB)
11th Chiang Rai 16-19th December 1997 ALINORM 99/15(PDF:209KB)
12th Chiang-Mai 23rd-26th November 1999 ALINORM 01/15(PDF:188KB)
13th Kuala Lumpur 17-20th September 2002 ALINORM 03/15(PDF:291KB)
14th Jeju 07-10th September 2004 ALINORM 05/28/15(PDF:618KB)
15th Seoul 21st-24th November 2006 ALINORM 07/30/15(PDF:474KB
16th Denpasar 17th-21st November 2008 ALINORM 09/32/15(PDF:427KB)
17th Yogyakarta 22nd-26th November 2010 REP11/ASIA (PDF:1,793KB
18th Tokyo 05-09th November 2011 REP13/ASIA (PDF:1,006KB)
18th Tokyo 03rd-07th November 2014 REP15/ASIA (PDF:459KB)

CCASIA Related Standards

1. Regional Guidelines for Codex Contact Points and National Codex Committees (Asia). CAC/GL 57R-1999
2. Regional Standard for Gochujang. CODEX STAN 294R-2009
3. Regional Standard for Ginseng Products. CODEX STAN 295R-2009
4. Regional Standard for Fermented Soybean Paste. CODEX STAN 298R-2009
5. Regional Standard for Edible Sago Flour (Asia). CODEX STAN 301R-2011
6. Regional Standard for Chili Sauce (Asia).CODEX STAN 306R-2011
7. Regional Standard for Tempe. CODEX STAN 313R-2013